Nvidia additionally needs to be an important player in virtual reality

Several months past, Nvidia was said to be developing its own VR headset. Nonetheless, that which we know for sure is the business is going to be among the key suppliers of graphical cards for high end PC gaming and virtual reality experiences.
Yet, not one of that occurred.

Nvidia is entering virtual reality really, but with graphical cards specially designed for VR encounters and high end PC gaming. The sector provides plenty of opportunities to image card suppliers like Nvidia or Intel, as now just 20% of all PCs can run a virtual reality headset.

At E3 2015, Nvidia showed its ability by powering every Oculus Rift VR demo using its Nvidia GeForce image cards. The Walking Dead VR game by Starbreeze Studios on their StarVR head mounted display additionally used Nvidia products.
Nvidia also starts a software development kit: GameWorks VR

Nvidia has additionally unveiled GameWorks VR, a software development kit for virtual reality game developers. The set contains image engine upgrades and programming tools to give you the most effective virtual reality experience possible.

Nvidia is the planet ‘s leading graphics hardware business so far and commands about 70% of the marketplace for desktop and notebook PCs.