OSVR contains additionally its own screen

Disclosed in January 2015 and declared to be sent in June this year, the OSVR from the gaming business Razer is a platform, or even more particularly a development system which empowers to get VR in all kinds of hardware. Razer developed the OSVR in partnership with all the professional VR business Sensics, which will be the starting point of the VR boom.
The OSVR is no operating system. To comprehend what it really is, the OSVR is frequently compared to Android.
The aim would be to make the OSVR a framework for virtual reality, an open source platform which will contain virtual reality screens, game engines, etc.

This open accredited ecosystem empowers to programmers, businesses and anyone who does want it to create their very own virtual reality software and games, or all kinds of VR encounters on any operating system including Windows, Android and Linux.

Just like the Oculus Rift DK2, the display contains a 1920×1080 screen, about 100 Field of View along with a black colour. The prototype enables to replace the display using a smartphone, not so readily though.

The hacker development kit is designed to begin sending this June for $199.99, but it is also possible to download 3D files for free and 3D print it at home if you would like to.